Friday July 25th 2014 is a day I will NEVER forget!  Well, I guess Sunday July 27th is another one I will never forget.  Chad, me and the kids decided we wanted to go look at fireworks and maybe get some for a BBQ we were doing with some friends and family the next day, Saturday.  We decided to go to Costco to pick up one of their packs they had the previous day, but we didn't get it because we wanted to wait until payday the next day.  Well, I guess they don't sell them after the 24th because they were gone.  As we were driving back home we noticed a firework stand in the same parking lot as Hobby Lobby, in American Fork.  We stopped and found one we thought about getting, but I wanted to go look elsewhere to see if we could find something for a better deal.  We went to a few different places but didn't find anything we really cared for or wasn't as good as a value as the one we first found.  We started to head back to go get it and we were almost there when there was a car crash a few cars ahead of us.  I heard the crash but I thought it was just brakes and Chad said he actually see the cars wreck.  We pulled in on the street right before Hobby Lobby next to UCCU and I had Chad pull more forward than he was so I could see what was going on.  Without even thinking, I jumped out of the car and ran over to where the one car was pretty bad.  There was an older lady in the car and I was confused because she was soaking wet.  I asked her if she was hurting anywhere and she told me that her neck was hurting.  I could tell that she was in a lot of pain so I immediately placed my hands on her head to keep it still so if there was an injury to it, it wouldn't make it worse by her moving it.  I asked her her name and asked if she was hurting anywhere else.  This entire time I was very calm and letting her know that it was very important that she holds as still has possible.  As I was talking with her, I was looking around and saw glass shattered everywhere!  This was not glass from any windows, but from something with a handle.  Part of the handle was on the dashboard along with a lot more glass.  Her head was bleeding and I asked if anyone had gloves and one of the bystanders had a first aid bag with some in it.  She brought them to me and another lady that was right behind the accident and was in the passenger seat holding the drivers hand helped hold them open so I could put them on. I kept a hold of her head until the paramedics/firefighters arrived.  The lady said she wanted someone to call her husband to me but I told her I wanted the police to be able to do it because I didn't know if it would be ok if I did.I told the lady that was holding her hand that she wanted someone to call her husband and she decided that she would. I made sure to tell her to be very calm when she was talking to him.  When the paramedics/firefighter arrived I told them that she was complaining of neck pain, so they went to go get the neck collar to put around her neck.  When they came back with it, they asked if I could go to the back seat and hold her head until they could get the brace around her neck.  I did as they asked and the paramedic/firefighter asked where at in her neck was hurting and she said the middle.  I had a feeling that she had a broken neck and thought the worse that could happen would be that she would be paralyzed, even though she was moving her one foot a little bit.  When they were done getting her neck stable, I got out of the way.  A police officer was in front of the car taking pictures so I went to ask him if he needed anything else from me because I didn't actually witness the accident.  He said he didn't and thanked me for my help.  I went over to where the other lady was talking to her husband and letting her know that she needed to let him know that she was ok because I didn't want him to rush to her and have an accident.  Chad and the kids were still waiting in the car and they didn't need me anymore so I went to the car and had Chad pull up to Dickey's so I could go inside and wash my hands.  I did have a little blood on me because I held my hands to her head before I was able to get gloves on.  But I was more worried about her neck than blood getting on me.  We then drove off and left.  I was really sad after because with HIPPA rules, you can't just call the hospital and ask if the person that was brought in was ok and what her injuries were.  They just can't give them that information but it's ok because it's for everyone's safety.  It just still sucked.  When I got home I posted on FB:

Well, all my medical and first aid training paid off today. A car (at fault) hit another car with an older lady in it. Her neck was killing her so I held her head so she wouldn't move it. She also has bad pain in her chest and right ankle. It was a pretty bad wreck and both cars are totaled. Hope she will be ok.

I went to my sister Andrea's house a little later to ride to Bunco with her.  I was telling her about being sad I couldn't find out any info on her.  Andrea had also helped someone that was unconscious and to this day, she had no idea if he even made it or not.  I had a hard time sleeping that night thinking of everything that happened that night.

Saturday came and gone, like any other day.  That night I had a hard time sleeping.  I got to bed late and I just couldn't turn my brain off thinking more about the previous night.  Chad got up early to go to his part time job and I slept in.  I woke up to a phone call from Chad and I was confused at what he was saying.  He said "you saved her."  I said "what are you talking about?"  He said that the lady I helped on Friday family was looking for me.  Still confused I asked him "what are you talking about?"  He told me to check my Facebook.  I got on FB and I had 3 new friend requests and a couple of messages.  One was from a friend with an update on the lady's condition.  It read:
Here is the update on the lady you saved!

Mickey never saw the other car and doesn't have any recollection of the accident and wasn't able to tell us what happened at all. All she remembers is driving, hearing a big crash and then the intense pain. She was transported by ambulance as you probably know to the AF hospital but shortly after was transported down to Utah Valley hospital. She has very serious injuries but there have been many miracles and she is so lucky that it wasn't worse. She will be in the hospital for about a week and then will have in home care for about 4 months.

the other lady at the scene thought you might want to read it

On my wall, this same friend, Tori posted on my wall this:

Thought this post would make your day'. This lady is looking for you! You are a hero!! 
Stacy Porter
15 hrs
Need help finding someone! Yesterday my mother in law was in a car accident in American Fork in front of Hobby Lobby. She was driving a silver Scion XB when she was hit on the driver side. She broke her neck and back. A bystander held her neck in place until the paramedics arrived. This kind act most likely saved her life as her break was right next to the main artery to the brain. Our family would love to thank this person for their kindness and for saving her life.

After a few messages back and forth with the one lady that was at the scene with me, I was able to get the husbands phone number.  I called and I said "Hi, my name is Stacey Harward"  before I could say anything else, he said "I know who you are"  I got a quick update on his wife and I asked if it was ok if I came to the hospital to see her and then I can tell them my side of the story.  She said it was fine, so I headed right down.  The meeting was so wonderful!  I am so glad that I was able to meet her again.  They told me that the Dr's told her that she didn't realize really how lucky she was to be alive.  I saw the pictures of her neck and they weren't good.  She broke her C2, which is called a 'hangmans fracture'  This particular break is right next to the main artery to the brain.  The way that vein is, it kind of "loops" around that C2 and when that part of your spine breaks, it severe's that main artery and kills them.  Think of someone being hung by a rope.  This is why the die and so quickly.

With her neck brace she will probably heal about 75% or more (hopefully)  She still has a long road to recovery.  She will be in the brace for probably 6 months and there is still a chance that if it doesn't completely heal, she will need to have screws put in her neck.  Also she has the chance of having to "upgrade" to a halo, where they put screws in your head to keep your head even more still.  This would be very unpleasant so I hope she can heal enough that that won't happen and she follows the Dr's orders.  I understand she has a hard time "holding still."

I have been in contact with her since.  Last time I talked to her the pain was so bad that it was making her throw up, which I can't imagine that it could be good for her condition.  I'm hoping to contact them tomorrow again to get another update and am hoping to see them again soon.

Since them.  Someone called in to KSL.com's tip line and they contacted me about the story.  I gave them an interview over the phone and sent her the picture of our reunion.  I also gave them their number because she wanted to see if they could get her statement.  Because they are having to do a lawsuit from the accident they weren't able to comment.  KSL did do the story though they couldn't resond:

KSL Article

I feel honored that they wanted to do a story on me.  I do want to give credit to Natalie as well.  The lady that help her hand.  She said she felt so comforted by that gesture.  I also want to thank the family for finding me and allowing me to find out how she was.  I'm grateful for new friends from this one simple act and I hope we can be friends for a long time to come.

I really don't consider myself a "hero" as some have said.  Or even an "angel." but I am so glad that I was in the right spot at the right time and I knew exactly what to do.  Unlike what KSL reported.  I was not 'overwhelmed' with the situation but calm the entire time.  I am not a nursing student (yet) but a Medical student.  And they got my last name wrong, most of the time.

I did never think in a million years that I would ever save someones life but it is the most awesome feeling to know that because of what you did, that person is alive today.  I don't know how I could live if the circumstances were different.  I have been on a week long "high" and I am now addicted to that high.  Nobody could really understand unless you have been one of those people that have saved someone.  I just want to go out and save even more.

During school I was worried that I wouldn't make a good nurse or something, I can't explain it.  Even though I got straight A's and was always on the Dean's list, I think there is always that fear in the back of your head.  After this I KNOW that this is the field I am supposed to be in and now I may want to even go further to get that RN status or even become an EMT.  I finish this year and I guess I have a couple months to decide if I continue or not.  But until then I am SO GLAD that I am where I am and only wish it didn't take me so long to get here.

To the family:  Love is a very strong word but I want you to know how much I care and love your mother as if she was my own. There is not a day that I don't think of her and pray that her pain will subside.  I hope she makes a full recovery and that we can be friends for the rest of our lifetime.  She is an amazing lady, and I am proud to call her and all of you my friends.  I hope one day we can all meet, but until then I will think of you all and continue to pray for her.  Thank you for finding me.  I can't explain in words how much it means to me. Thank You, Thank You!

4 Months and counting

April of 2013 I started college and it has been the best decision of my life.  I thought I wanted to be a Medical Receptionist so that is what I was working towards.  When I meet with my academic adviser, who is awesome, she told me about their program that not only could I get my Medical Receptionist certificate but there were 8 other ones I could do as well.  I thought, "This could be fun" and so I signed up.  Plus side, it was an 18-20 month course!

My first class was Psychology and let me tell you... I LOVED IT!  The teacher was awesome #1 and #2 it was a fun subject to learn.  That was the beginning of my enjoyment at Stevens Henager.  The class sizes are crazy small, so there is more 1 on 1 with the teacher and I feel like they are my family.  They want nothing more than for us to succeed.  Everyone is so awesome!  I can't be more blessed with choosing this school.   There is not one teacher I do not like but I do have my favorites. 

So far I am 14 months in and my GPA is a 4.0!  Yes, I said a 4.0!!!  I have been on the Dean's list every single term and I also have perfect attendance.  Every few months we can earn FREE movie tickets for our perfect attendance and usually it is for a movie that they buy out the theater room for and it is a new released one BEFORE they even come out.  I have qualified for every single one.  All the Hunger Games that have come out, Captain America, and I can't remember the rest.  The next one will be in August for the "Guardians of the Galaxy."  If you know me, I'm not really into movies, mostly because it is expensive and I would rather sit in my comfy home and enjoy myself.  But since it's FREE I go. 

Stevens Henager also does random contests and I have actually won a few of them.  I've gotten sweatshirts, shirts, lanyards, flash drives, water bottles, movie tickets and more.

I have also made some amazing friends that I could trust, unlike ever before.  They are so much fun and they like me because of me and they don't try to change me.  I really needed them in my life and I feel so blessed.

I have taken my Phlebotomy certificate and passed, so I now a certified Phlebotomist and I'm in the process of studying for my Radiologist Technician certificate.  I passed that class with and A and it was supposed to be "the hardest class we will take."  This test however is going to be really hard.  I have the stuff to study and it is a LOT of info.  Radiologist have my utmost respect.  There is a lot more to it than you could ever imagine.

Right now I am taking my EKG and Medical Billing and Coding Classes.  When I am done, I will take those certificates as well.  I figure the more certified I am the better chances of a good paying job I will get.  EKG is really hard, like Radiology.  I don't think I will get an A but a A- or B+.  I only have 1 week class to go to find out.  I have 2 more months of Medical Billing and Coding/Insurance Specialist to do, but I think these classes are pretty easy and I think I could do this job.

I still have my CNA, MA, Office Receptionist, and more to do.  I did my pharmacy classes but I didn't like them as much so I decided not to waste my time taking that certificate.  Other than that, I believe I will take all the others I have the opportunity to take.

I can't wait to graduate and get into the medical field.  Office Receptionist is no longer my 1st choice because the more I learn these programs the more I love.  My favorite so far is Phlebotomy but I'm still working on all the others.  I guess we'll wait to see what I go into until then.

My "New" Life

 I haven't posted in a long time and a lot of things have changed in our family.
Chad is still a CNA supervisor at work at the Heritage in American Fork.  However, he hasn't been feeling appreciated.  They didn't give him his raise like they were supposed to and he has taken on a lot more without that raise.  It's been very frustrating.  He wasn't making very much and trying to go to school too I know how hard it must have been for him.  We have been struggling for a few years now but I know the lord has a plan for us and I feel it coming soon.  He isn't going to school because of the summer break and we have decided that he needed to find another job so he could better support the family.  I know it must have been hard for him  but he knows it is something he needed to do.  So last week he applied to like 17 different places in 1 day and that very same day he got a call from a company wanting to get an interview with him ASAP.  It was scheduled the very same day they called.  He went and within the next hour he was offered the position.  They offered him a certain pay amount but we felt he should be paid more so he went back and said he needed at least this much.  Within the hour the owner, this time,  of the company called him and accepted his request.  That same day he got 2 more calls for different companies too.  One was a bust, they didn't want to pay him hardly anything and we weren't going to go for that.  The next company ended up playing phone tag with and then they didn't call back but it is ok he really liked the first company.  Full benefits, paid holidays, vacation time ect.  He hasn't had that in a long time so it will be a nice change.  He did wait a couple days to accept the job because he wanted to hear about the other 2 but since they both were a bust he went for it.  It will double his pay which will relieve some of the burden we have felt.  I can't wait to get his first check however, it will be a while since he doesn't start until the 19th.  I am very proud of him.  He will be hired as a "regular" worker but within the month after he is hired they are going to start a evening shift and want him to be the team lead when it starts.  He has never had a job where he wasn't in some type of lead position.  He is such a hard worker and liked by all his employers. (Even though heritage couldn't pay him what he deserved they are sad he is leaving.  He actually had one of his workers put in their 2 weeks notice too and told him that she wouldn't work there if he wasn't there.)  I couldn't be more than proud of him.

Shelby is almost 16!!!! I can't believe it.  It just feels like a few months ago that she was my little tiny "sweat pea" (nickname).  She has been suffering from depression like me but I immediately got her an awesome therapist that she really likes.  She is a typical teenager defiant and mouthy.  We have put a lot of responsibility on her since Chad works and I am going to school!  I really appreciate what she does for us. She will be starting High school this year and I can't imagine that I have a high schooler.  And she will be driving!!!!  What??? I know it is so weird.

Dakota will be 13 in November.  He is such a sweetheart, every once in a while he will just come up to me and give me hugs or rub my back.  He is starting Jr High.  Where has the time gone?  I'm just waiting to hear his voice change.  It will be fun to know how he will "really" sound.

Savanah will be in the 6th grade and just turned 11.  She has had a rough year at school being bullied by some mean girl that I just want to punch (not really)  We ended up moving into a very NICE town home and moved out of the school boundaries so she was able to attend a new school and hasn't really had any problems.  Savanah just likes to be in charge all the time so there has been fights with her friends but I am trying to get her out of that habit too.  She went to therapy for a while, while she was being bullied.  It helped TONS and she no longer goes.  She makes sure to tell me good night and give me kisses.  But what she kinda doesn't know is that every night I tuck in my kids in bed and give them kisses.  Some times they are still awake and I love doing it so they know that I love them.  I don't think Samantha will not let me give her kissed night ever.  She will come down to remind me to come tuck her in.
A few months ago Savanah was complaining that she was having a hard time hearing out of her left ear but I thought it was we had been swimming a lot and she just had water in her ears.  When she told me about it we had just come home from swimming.  She kept complaining about it so I finally called the Dr.  He checked her out but wanted her to go to the Audiologist.  We made that appointment and we got news no mom or dad wants to get of their 11 year old child.  She had "significant hearing loss" in that ear.  Her other ear had a little bit too but not enough to worry about just yet.  So we had to order her a hearing aid.  $1300 later she can hear and she is really proud of it.  Her hearing will get worse as she grows which sucks big time but she gets it from her dad who they think started losing his hearing at age 9.  He has hearing aids now too, for about 1 1/2 years now.  I can tell when he doesn't have them in.

Dallas will be in 4th grade this year, almost 10 and he really likes school.  He especially loves math and he is really good at it.  He also is good at figuring things out.  This past Christmas Chads mom bought a cube like thing that is a game and they could not for the life of them figure out how to work it.  We came over, Dallas saw it, grabbed it, and was playing it like he had been playing it before.  He LOVES to help do stuff outside like help grandpa cut down trees, lay sod and he has helped with many other yard projects.  He would rather work with Dad than go to his friends and play.  He is such a good boy.

Samantha will be 7 and go into the 1st grade.  I will have all my children in all day school from now on.  It will help a lot because I am gone to school and I wouldn't have to find a babysitter.  She is my little princess.  I keep saying she isn't but she really is.  Like I said she makes sure to remind me to tuck her in and give her kisses.  There has been times that it has gotten really late and I forget and she will come into my room crying her little heart out because I forgot.  So I get up and do what I always do.  She is becoming miss little independent.  She knows how to make her own Ramen Noodles in the microwave so if the kids won't maker her some she can do it herself.  She is growing SO FAST, she isn't my little tiny girl anymore.  It is sad to think she is my last little one to love on but luckily I have lots of brothers and sisters that are still popping out kids so I can love on theirs and then give them back when they cry.  Most of them really like me though.  My sisters daughter Peyton is always excited when I walk in the door.  I have the cutest nephews and nieces ever and I'm not just saying that.  I'll have to post pictures to show them off.

I (Stacey) am doing very well.  I had a few years of really bad depression but they have my meds figured out and they work very well.  I also started to go to school at Stevens~Henager College studying Medical Specialties.  I am really loving it and I have straight A's right now.  I am in my 5th month and the class is an 18-20 month class.  It is going by so fast which is good so it will seem like I get a good paying job sooner than later.  This class consists of a lot of different medical programs that I can choose to do which one I like the best at the end when we do our externships.  Stevens~Henager has the highest graduating rate than even UVU or BYU.  I really like the small classes and school.  You get to know your teachers well and they know us well.  It's really nice.  Some of the certificates I can choose from, to name a few are CNA, MA, ECG (which is the person that does your EKG), Medical billing and coding, medical office receptionist, Limited pharmacy technician, phelebotomist and more I can't remember.  I didn't know I would do so well in school and now that I am getting AWESOME grades I set my standards HIGH.  I don't want to get anything but an A.

That is about all for tonight I will have to add some pictures later.
Hope it doesn't take me another year to Blog again.


Wanted to share a few pictures of the last little while. 
 In no particular order. 
 Just ones I thought were fun.



More Info on my suicide attempt

When I did my post it was 4 in the morning cause I couldn't sleep.  All I was doing was thinking of the things that had happened that week.  I also wanted to share my story so others can know what someone like me goes through to even attempt something like that.  I have never thought in my wildest dreams that I would even try.  Nobody really knows what someone feels inside.  ON the outside it may seem everything is ok, that is why I try to not judge someone.  People here in Utah are way to judgmental and as soon as my husband is out of school.  (Oh yeah me too) then we are out of here!  I want to be surrounded by people that aren't so judgmental.
Anyways, here is what happened....  It was a very hard day for me I was crying a lot and my meds just weren't working.  Yes, there were thoughts that if I was dead I wouldn't have to feel like this anymore but I would never think I would try to do something to end my life.  I take 3 pills every night.  Zoloft, Cymbalta, and Ambien.  Have you heard stories about ambien?  They are crazy.  I would only take 1/2 a pill because when I took a full pill I would have crazy dreams and do weird things in my sleep.  All my pills in my medicine container were all cut in 1/2.  That night I was just plain exhausted so I wanted to get a good night sleep.  So instead of taking my normal 1/2 pill I took 2- 1/2 pills (whole).  A while later when it took effect I guess I got up and went to take another pill not realizing what I was doing.  By the way this is all according to my husband, I don't remember much.  So I grabbed the other bottle and said "I'll be dead by morning" and tried to dump the whole bottle down me.  But my husband grabbed it fast enough that I couldn't.  I guess another 1/2 pill fell onto the pillow so I hurried and grabbed it and swallowed.  Chad had no idea how many I took so he immediately dialed 911.  My intentions were just out of my control.  I have lots of stories I could share that I did while I was on a full ambien.
I want to share this part because there is NO way a pill and 1/2 will kill someone period.  I know I scared my husband and I am so sorry to scare him and my kids.  I love them way to much to do something like that.  I am now on different meds.  Abilify and Cymbalta and it seems to be helping a lot.  Oh and instead of ambien I take Temazapan which is a TON better.  I can go to sleep, not do weird things and wake up feeling refreshed.  I also usually wake up around 6:30.  That is crazy early for me.  But now I will be wide awake to get my kids off to school without feeling drained.
I have some friends that don't judge me and I am so thankful for them.  My last post was about my feelings but I now know that the friends I have 1 being my sister love me no matter what and are there for me no matter what.  They don't judge me or tell me nasty things.  They love me for who I am.
You know who you are!  Love you guys to pieces and thanks for always being there and not judging me or try to change me.
Life is good too good to leave this early!
I have always tucked my kids in at night and told them how much I love them (plus throughout the day).  I will never change that.

(Please keep the comments positive or I will not post them.  Thanks)

Termination Update

This is going to be quick cause there really isn't much to post at this time but.....  YAY  Unemployment did their investigation and proved that I was not any way at fault for losing my job so I get unemployment.  I bet they are not happy about that but you can't fire someone for a disability.  I also have contacted the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and the Labor and Anti Discrimination department.  Things are going well.  Well, not for Partyland.  I don't think they thought I was serious about going to SUE them but I feel it is the right thing to do because now it is going to be hard for me to get a job with a Fired on my Resume.  Now just to get my lawyer and we will be set.  I have one calling me today.  It will probably take a year but in the end I know it is the right thing to do.  I always said that people are SUE happy but there are some things that you just have to do to show them they can't do certain things.